Privacy Policy

Our site is designed to gives his customers benefits in any angle whether is about shopping, choosing or using, you can put to good use our website at every step as we draft this site for the well-being of his customers so we plot a privacy policy for our customers. Because we value our customers and their privacy as well that’s why this privacy policy drawn accordingly to sake of customer’s security and protection. This privacy policy has map out for our site users to ensure that the information they provide us is secure and can’t be disclose or use for baleful motives. As our customers believe on us and we want to build a trust that never dismay our consumers.
Our privacy policy’s first priority is the protection of our customers security, so we pledge to take full responsibility of your order, until it gets to you at your doorstep to your hands, the process of reasonableness been started from the moment you when you share your personal data to us, for delivery.
Our fully attentive and awaken team is working hard and always get alert to save your personal information, in which your name, address, phone number, email id, and address are included. As we are taking the full responsibility of your parcel, incase if you encounter from any kind mishap to your order codesdominion endorse the loss.
Your data will be collected by secure server, so it has clear that any unauthorized can't see or check your personal information as we disallow them by our policy rule. For furthermore verification, we also do the identity checks time to time, it’s your duty now to secure your passwords from any kind of unauthorized user because we may not take the responsibility in any case.
According to our rule, you need to share your personal information for signing up and placing your order like your name and address to a third party, courier services and delivery purpose. We use your personal information only for the verification of payment and transaction and to access the services. Your personal data may use for the purpose of market survey, development and improvement of web content, we may also use it for analysis purpose, with keep surety to make it safe and secure.
It is not allowed to children under 13, to shop with us they can’t even register or make account without their parent’s permission and guardian counseling according to our rules, if they break the rule, we've the right to cancel the account that is created by the children under 13.
In any case, if you feel insecure or threatened, or you feel that your personal information is abusing by unsecured hand at any given point, you must've to inform us immediately, on your single call or email we take action. Our customer support representative will be alert and take notice, as it is mentioned below that we have an attentive team.
We, our team and business partners are always ready to support you, we stand by you for making sure that you are on a right site to shop and your security is our responsibility whether it’s about your data and personal information. You can feel free to ask anything and any kind of help, when you are using our website.