Terms & Condition

codesdominion is that user-friendly site which is operating with some rules and regulations. These rules stuff and set scrupulously for the sake and welfare of our customers. If you are our site users so you’ve to encounter the following terms and conditions of use that we set carefully. You can take it like contract between you and us that you must have to sign before going to shop otherwise you may disallow to shop with us. The one thing that you must have to keep in mind, we have the authority to change these terms and conditions, without any prior notice. What you need to do is to read and read repeatedly and as well attentively and carefully.
If you want to get a best shopping experience at codesdominion, at first you need to register yourself, to make an account, because without making an account and registration you aren’t allow to shop from us. You need to provide your authentic information like your name, address and other details, which is essential to make the process of purchasing facile and well-organized. After this you simply required to sign up and create an account to shop from us.
We have authority to share your information with our sales assistant and riders, for your delivery process facile and well served. We make sure to keep your information personal. As we take the full responsibility of your privacy, so we pledge to take action against the one who break our rule in case of misuse or you feel insecure at any point, call us.
It is mandatory to impart your information with us whenever we ask for it. We may ask repeatedly to you, to upgrade your password for security purpose, and you must do it because if you do not paying heed on it so we have the right to cancel your account, without informs you.
Your all parcels or orders will delivers to your doorstep within the 5 to7 working days, each and every voucher mentioned clearly the certain date of delivery. In any case of delaying your order we will inform you by message or email. Expiry date is also mentioned on of any coupon or deal.
We also have the right to cancel your voucher or deal as we the right to do this, if we see any kind of offending our rules. The guarantee of defected products isn’t our responsibility, if the product is defected we aren’t responsible. The products whose shipment is free, is assuredly and understandably mentioned below.
Once you pay off on your order we confirmed it, in any case of changing in our deals or coupons before the expiry date we will provide the substitute. We also have the authority to cancel your order and we will compensate you, in case the amount takes from. An inappropriate given information of the brand or service isn’t our responsibility, our deals are only use personal we are not allowed to use it for business purpose.
As a handy and convenience site, we are on a mission to ensure that you are at a trusty place to shop securely and we hope that the users of our site acknowledge our instruction and other functional modules for accessing our website and get benefitted from us.
We may change or amend on these terms and conditions time to time, for keeping you up to date with the newfangled and latest products and services. Now it is your responsibility to visit these terms and conditions periodically, as we mentioned that we have the right to change, erase or append these terms & conditions without any initial intimation. For any kind of question regarding these terms and conditions you can contact us we are always here to help you out to assist you 24/7.